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What is RTB?

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About RTB

Race Track Builder is the product of years of development, originally concieved in 2009 as a means to overcome some limitations in Bobs Track Builder.

This new interface does not replace BTB, but instead provides new streamlined methods of producing complex race designs, and export those models into other 3d applications for further processing.

BTB is still the best way to produce tracks targeted to specific games as BTB covers many aspects unique to games, whereas RTB is a general purpose track builder targeted at developers. RTB outputs to 3d files (FBX) and requires more technical knowhow in order to have them appear in-game.

RTB's future will expand over time as new features and potentially more specific outputs are added, but for now it remains a generic product not targeted at any game in particular.

BTB will continue to be supported.

About the Author

This software has been designed by Brendon Pywell, the maker of the predecessor Bob's Track Builder.

As a father of two boys and husband to one woman, Brendon remains actively committed to seeing action on Climate Change. This is his number one passion. How we act today impacts generations for hundreds of years.

We should be making every effort to invest and enhance existing new power-generating technologies rather than lazily using the last of our fossil fuels in technology from the 1800's to pollute the air we breathe.