Race Track Builder

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Create Race Tracks the easy way with the most powerful track editing tool on the planet.

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Real World Data

RTB taps into Google Maps to retrieve images and height data resulting in accurate, beautiful looking landscapes on which you can lay your vision for the perfect race track. Add more detail to the terrain and RTB automatically retrieves height data from Google.

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Terrain Creation

Whilst Google Maps can be used for the creation of the terrain, optionally you can create your own mountains using a number of in-built tools. Use the inbuilt materials, tap into a vast library of expansion packs, build your own textures.

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The interface is now ultrafast with all calculations done using background threads. Even on tracks with a length of 50+ kilometers, changes to the track or terrain take milliseconds, and the detailed calculations are delegated to background tasks. No more waiting for the screen updates in order to make your next move.

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Advanced features allow easy modification of the terrain, layout of the road, modification of cross-section and manipulation of materials. Make adjustments to the track, and the terrain is automatically adjusted in just seconds.

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Cross Section Editing

Rapid cross-section editing allows interesting, detailed sections of track to be created in just minutes. Make adjustments to camber, create bumps or ditches or explore the advance terrain hugging features for even finer control.

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RTB goes to great lengths in order to blend road edges with the terrain. Materials are blended to form great looking transitions, angles are calculated for outside edge to consider the slope of the terrain and cross-section points are adjusted to account for the underlying terrain.

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Whilst the initial world can begin with more than 1300 square kilometers, that's no limitation. Terrain can expand as required to give more room for longer tracks or external scenery. If Google Maps is used, then extended terrain automatically retrieves height data.


RTB is a work in progress with loads more features in the pipeline. The best is yet to come.

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