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Whilst RTB is extremely useful right now with only Terrain and Roads enabled, futher development of this product is planned in order to bring many more features.

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RTB already has the ability to join tracks end-to-end and you can cut one track seamlessly into another, however this itself has some limitations.

To make things even easier, Intersection objects will make the process of making standard types of cross-roads even easier. Tracks will join to intersections just as they can join to each other.

Intersections will use pre-drawn textures to make crossing more realistic.

Cross-sections will allow the Intersections to be modified and shaped so they connect better with the surrounding terrain.

Terrain Shapes

The terrain in RTB is easy to work with, however there are times you may wish to create a particular shape/outline and map textures to it with greater control.

The best of BTB

Many features in BTB are already fantastic. Walls, Objects and String Objects will all make their way into RTB as development time permits.